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We are a larnaca based garage specialising in service and repairs of all makes and models, in partucular Mercedes Benz, BMW and Subaru.

Our experienced mechanics provide the best in car repair and maintenance. From electrical problems to mechanical issues, our team takes pride in helping you with your vehicle.


Service / Maintainance

By getting regular servicing you’re likely to see improved fuel efficiency, better handling and a smoother running engine, as well as peace of mind from knowing your vehicle is running optimally. It also decreases the likelihood of your car breaking down either at home or at the roadside.

car engine repairs larnaca

Engine Repairs

You've got to keep your engine running smoothly so that your car can always get where you want it to go.

car brake repair

Brake Repairs

Brake failure can cause serious injuries and greatly increase your risk of a car accident. Regular brake maintenance helps ensure that your brakes engage every time you press on the brake pedal.

car key and fob replacement

Key & Fob Replacement

You may have lost your car keys or simply need a spare, whichever the case, we have a key replacement solution.


Auto Body Repairs

We are a full-service auto body shop that repairs damage to the exterior of your car. We replace dents in the sheet metal, replace bumpers, and replace other components that are not part of the engine. 

car electrical problems

Electrical Problems

The most common electrical problems are: dead battery, bad alternator, fatigued starter or solenoid, burning plastic smell caused by a short circuit, bad battery cables, headlights and other lights malfunctioning, blown electrical fuses, loose wires & faulty fuse boxes, failed spark plugs, engine doesn’t start correctly.

clutch repair larnaca

Clutch Repairs

Clutch drive is the primary method of transferring power from the engine to the wheels. A properly functioning clutch will make sure that power travels smoothly and efficiently.

Car radiator repair

Radiator Repairs

The radiator and cooling system are keeping your vehicle running at a proper temperature. When damage occurs to your radiator, you will want to get it repaired as soon as possible otherwise it can lead to more significant (and costly) engine problems.



If you own a vehicle over four years old, it will be subject to an MOT test. These tests check emissions, brakes, suspension, steering, lights and tyres. The MOT must be passed every two years.

car technical problems light

Mechanical Problems

Some of the most common mechanical problems are: faulty brakes, tire blow outs, faulty steering systems and suspensions, faulty headlights and taillights, malfunctioning wipers. And we are here to help.

black and brown handle hand tool_edited.

Battery Change

Your car’s battery is the source of power for many crucial components in your vehicle, whether it’s a commuter car or a working truck. In fact, batteries are often the primary reason why your engine won't start whenever there’s trouble.

Car Exhaust Repairs

Exhaust Repairs

Without a funtional exhaust fuel-air mixture from the engine through the exhaust pipes can't be removed and the engine will get damaged.

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